Secrets of the Illuminati Decoded

Escape Room Cover


Decode the ancient mysteries, unlock the truth...

Legend has it that there's an age-old sacred artifact hidden away somewhere in Redwood City by a secret society. You'll have to use your spy skills and decode the hidden clues, solve all the puzzles and unravel this mystery.

It won't be easy, for the Illuminati specialize in secrets and codes.

Can you decipher them before time runs out?

Available for FREE for all San Mateo and Monterey County Teens and Young Adults!

This virtual game is an individual or multi-player escape room, hosted on your computer screen. Players will start with certain puzzles, and will find more puzzles, clues, a phone number to call and codes. If you’re playing in teams, you will have to work together, searching for clues, solving puzzles, and deciphering codes.

Win Prizes

Share a picture about your experience on Instagram and tag @Cannabis_Decoded to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card. Winners will be announced every Friday on @Cannabis_Decoded instagrams account.

The team or individual to complete the escape room in the fastest time, making it to the top of our leaderboard will win a $50 gift card!

Register For Yourself or Your Team Today Here!


Name Time


YouthEPA 48:15
Friday Night Live Coastside Youth Council  54:58


How will I get information to play? 
Upon registering you will be emailed all of the information you will need to start playing.

How long will I have to play the game?
Each registration link will expire within 72 hours of the first code that’s entered into the game.

What if I don't have a team?
Don't worry, this game can either be played by a solo player or we can match you up with teammates.

Do all of my team members need to register?
Only one person from each team needs to register, they will then be sent an email with instructions for sharing with their teammates.

Do you have any age restrictions?
This game is specifically geared towards teens and young adults. Players under 13 should be accompanied by a guardian.

What do I need to play?
You'll need a computer to access the game portal and at least one team member needs to have a cell phone. If you are playing in a team format, we suggest setting up a video chat with your team (we suggest Zoom or Google Hangouts) so that you can all play together, share information or even share your screen as needed.

How do teams work?
Teams are anywhere between 1 and 8 players. Players can come with a team of their own or we can help match you with some new friends! While this game is free for all San Mateo and Monterey County residents, team members from other areas are free to join as long as the person registering is from those counties.

Who's hosting this game?
This event is brought to you by Cannabis Decoded. Get the facts you need at

Have more questions?
Reach out to us at

This game is created by Gr8er Good Games, a puzzle- and clue-based urban adventure game company that specializes in pop-up and virtual escape games. This game has been adapted from a pop-up game that we hosted in Redwood City in November 2019.